The goal of this project was to develop methods for efficient automatic generation of design options for residential buildings. By utilizing parameter-based generative methods, we developed a modular approach in Grasshopper to place and morph building volumes in constraint scenarios. Additionally, we tested different strategies to solve circulation and arrangement tasks for dwelling units. By integrating different analyzing and selection methods, we filtered the generated solutions by critical key figures and assured compliance with several constraining regulations.


Osintseva, I., Koenig, R., Berst, A., Bielik, M., & Schneider, S. (2020, May). Automated Parametric Building Volume Generation: A Case Study for Urban Blocks. In Proceedings of the Symposium on Simulation for Architecture and Urban Design (SimAUD) (pp. 25-27). (PDF)

The different Grasshopper components have been published within the DeCodingSpaces Toolbox.


  • BBSR (Zukunft Bau). Aktenzeichen: SWD—
  • DIPLAN Gesellschaft für Digitales Planen & Bauen GmbH
  • Decoding Spaces GbR


  • Jun.-Prof. Dr. Reinhard König (Supervisor)
  • Vertr. Prof. Dr. Sven Schneider (Supervisor)
  • Iuliia Osintseva (Projectlead: Development, Testing, Documentation)
  • Andreas Berst (Contributor: Development, Testing, Documentation)